Study a language? Sí. Ja. Oui.

When James Ungaretti enrolled in his first-year courses, he loaded up on requirements for a computer sciences major. But having taken four years of Italian at his Oak Park, Illinois, high school, he thought, why not add an Italian class, too.

“I was really surprised by what I got out of it,” says Ungaretti. “Before I began my studies at UW-Madison, I imagined myself cranking out gen eds and taking as many CS classes as possible. I wanted to focus 100 percent on CS. Instead, Italian—and L&S in general—have planted a deep interest in people, art and communication.”
Now a junior, Ungaretti is pursuing a double major in computer sciences and Italian. And by doing so, he joins a large cohort of UW-Madison students finding enhanced learning and widened opportunities by studying a language.

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