[Center for South Asia] Welcome Ambassador Kishan Rana, Distinguished International Visitor


Ambassador Kishan Rana
Ambassador Kishan Rana

The Center for South Asia welcomes former Indian Ambassador and Senior Policy Analyst Kishan Rana to campus. Mr. Rana will be on campus for three weeks as a Distinguished International Visitor under the auspices of the International Institute and University Lectures.

During his time on campus Ambassador Kishan Rana will participate in some various public events. On Thursday, April 28,  Ambassador Rana present a lecture entitled “Understanding India’s Rise as a Great Power.” This free talk will take place at noon in Ingraham Hall, Room 206.

Public Events Featuring Ambassador Rana

Public Lecture “Understanding India’s Rise as a Great Power”
Thursday, April 28 / noon-1:00 p.m. / 206 Ingrham Hall

Reception in honor of Ambassador Kishan Rana:
Monday, May 2 / 4:00-6:00 p.m. / 260 Bascom Hall

Office Hours:
Mr. Rana will hold office hours in 201c North Hall during his visit in 201c. Please make appointments directly with Mr. Rana at kishanrana@gmail.com

For more information, please contact rweiss@southasia.wisc.edu or call (608) 262-9224.

More About Ambassador Kishan Rana

 Ambassador Kishan Rana served as an Indian ambassador in Germany and consul general in San Francisco, and began his early career in China. His illustrious career in the Indian Foreign Service makes him well qualified discuss and reflect on India at the global level, as well as comparatively with China and other countries. Ambassador Rana’s status in the diplomatic corps and contacts with the policy establishment and security community in New Delhi will benefit our universities’ ties to India for faculty and student development.

Currently Ambassador Rana is active the Indian international affairs community and has handled projects for the Ministry of External Affairs. He advises the Ministry of Commerce and the Office of External Affairs in implementing plans to build India’s capacity at the global level. Professor Aseema Sinha, who is responsible for bringing this distinguished visitor on campus, hopes that his visit will establish new high-level linkages in India, address current projects such as the Emerging Powers Initiative and the India Initiative within the Division of International Studies, and provide a platform for discussion among many entities on campus, including: the Department of Political Science, the Center for South Asia, the Center for East Asian Studies, the India Initiative, the China Initiative, and Center for World Affairs and the Global Economy (WAGE).

Ambassador Rana was educated at St. Stephens College, Delhi University and holds a BA with honors and an MA in economics. He first joined the Indian Foreign Service in 1960 and was assigned in 1961 to the Indian Commission at Hong Kong to study Chinese. He then served at the Indian missions in Beijing (twice) and Geneva, and at the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi. Ambassador Rana served as the Indian Ambassador to Algeria (1975-79). Subsequent posts included ambassador or high commissioner to Czechoslovakia and Kenya and consul general in San Francisco, Mauritius, and Germany. He served as the joint-secretary in the prime minister’s office (1981-82) and in the Ministry of External Affairs (1982-83).

Ambassador Rana retired in 1995 and worked as a free-lance business advisor from 1995-99. Since 1999 he has been teaching and writing. Positions he has held include: professor emeritus, e-learning teaching faculty (since 2000), DiploFoundation, Malta and Geneva; commonwealth adviser to the Namibia Foreign Ministry (2000-01); honorary fellow, Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi; archives by-fellow, Churchill College, Cambridge; public policy scholar, Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington, D.C. (2005); distinguished fellow, Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations, Kuala Lumpur; and honorary fellow, Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi.


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