[CHE] Brazilian Universities Find Challenges in Internationalization

The Chronicle of Higher Education (September 4, 2010) –  “Brazilian Universities Find Challenges in Internationalization” by Andrew Downie


A number of Brazilian institutions have signed deals recently with universities elsewhere. The University of São Paulo recently arranged a student- and faculty-exchange agreement with China’s Henan University. In April, the University of Wisconsin at Madison announced a plan to deepen its ties to Brazil and its higher-education establishment.

“We have started a series of symposia about Brazil. We are identifying some strategic partnerships with universities in Brazil,” says Giles [sic] Bousquet, dean of international studies and vice provost for globalization. “It is a paradigm shift, and that paradigm shift is refocusing the university in educating graduates that are going to see the emerging powers as a key group of partners and Brazil as a key country.”