Chilean Student Association Hosts Fundraising Event to Support People in Chile

The Chilean Student Association (CSA) is sponsoring a Chile Earthquake Relief fundraising event on Sunday, March 7 at 4:30 p.m. to support people affected by the devastating earthquake that hit Chile on February 27, 2010. Join the Chilean community and friends for Chilean and international music and photos of Chile. In addition, enjoy food and drink  available for purchase. Finally, an indoor soccer match will take place – each player must pay $10 to play. The event is the perfect opportunity to practice your Spanish, while supporting the Chilean community!  All proceeds will be donated to the Chilean NGO, “Un Techo para Chile” (A Roof for Chile). This organization is dedicated to eradicating poor shantytown housing and improve access to decent housing for everyone. The fundraising event will be held in the Community Center of Eagle Heights.

“This is a great opportunity to support the local Chilean community and those in Chile who are trying to pick up the pieces after the terrible earthquake,” says Annabel Ipsen, member of the CSA.  “For those with family and friends in Chile, it is a way of being part of a larger collective effort. While people are frustrated at not being able to be physically present in Chile to help, this is one way to give back and connect with Chile from abroad.”

If you are unable to attend this event, please keep in mind there are future fundraising events planned.  If you or your student organization would like to participate in any way, please e-mail Patricio A. Mendoza Araya at or Annabel Ipsen at