[CT] Why Every College Student Should Own a Passport

The Cap Times (July 7, 2010) — Connie Schultz: Every college student should own a passport

This summer, one of the largest state universities in the country — Ohio State — is launching a new program to encourage every incoming freshman to get a U.S. passport. The program, “Gateway to the World,” is designed to encourage the roughly 6,600 freshmen — 30 percent of whom are first-generation college students — to get used to the idea that their community is a global one.

We already have a good idea of what America will look like in two decades. Diversity is a trend, and it’s irreversible. There aren’t enough fences in the world to change that.

What I’m trying to imagine is an America where, in that same time, every college graduate owns a passport and the expectations that come with it.

Barriers crumble.

Boundaries evaporate.

That’s what happens when we open our minds.

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