European Union Graduate Study in Florence!

2010 competition for study at

the European University Institute in Florence

The University of Wisconsin-Madison

European Union Center of Excellence

The fellowship will support one doctoral student in the Social Sciences and/or History for one semester at the European University Institute (EUI) as a thirty-three percent (33%) Research Assistantship. The Institute is one of the leading graduate training institutions in the world, and a center of scholarly research on European Union-related topics.  Through affiliation with the European Union Center of Excellence, faculty and students seek to improve understanding of the EU as a complex, evolving governance system and international actor.  This includes study of the growing importance and widening scope of EU-US relations through intensified ‘people-to-people’ links among EU and US citizens.

While attending the EUI, the EUCE Fellow may pursue a broad range of coursework and research interests in the social sciences and humanities. Preference will be given to a student working on contemporary and historical (1945 and after) topics related to the processes of European integration. The recipient of the fellowship must enroll in courses at the EUI and must attend the EUI in the spring 2011 semester.

There are two steps to the nomination process for a fellowship. First, the applicant must clear a screening process established by the European Union Center of Excellence at UW-Madison. If one clears this initial stage, then the application is forwarded to the appropriate department at the EUI, where the application must also be accepted and admitted to a departmental program of study. These include 1) The Department of History and Civilization; 2) The Department of Economics (Finance and Consumption in the European Union Programme); and 3) The Department of Political and Social Sciences. For more information about the departments, please visit the EUI website at

The EUCE R.A.ship for study at EUI will cover the costs of tuition, health insurance, and a stipend the equivalent of a .33 Research Assistantship position. Graduate students must have completed one full year of graduate study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison before applying to the position. Those who have already received an EUCE EUI Fellowship are eligible to reapply, but preference will be given to qualified applicants who have not previously received support.

The application consists of the following:

1)      A study plan for your stay at EUI. This should consist of (a) courses you plan to attend, and (b) a short (circa 2-3 page) description of your pre-dissertation or dissertation research.

2)      One letter of recommendation from a UW faculty member familiar with your work.

3)      Undergraduate and graduate transcripts (copies will suffice).

4)      A language competency evaluation (where appropriate for your plans).

The application deadline is Monday, September 13, 2010. Award notifications will be made shortly thereafter, as applications must be received at the EUI early in the fall semester. Send the materials listed above (electronic versions preferred) directly to the following address: European Union Center of Excellence, (213 Ingraham Hall, 1155 Observatory Drive, phone: 265-8040,