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“Reparations for Mass Human Rights Violations: A Gendered Approach”

September 3, 2010
12:00-1:15 pm, Lubar Commons (7200 Law)

Professor Ruth Rubio Marin will present “Reparations for Mass Human Rights Violations: A Gendered Approach” in early September. Professor Marin is a professor at the European University Institute located in Florence, Italy. Her interests include immigration, minority rights, gender, and constitutional law.

The event is sponsored by the Global Legal Studies Center, European Union Center for Excellence, FEMSEM, The Gender and International Policy Research Circle (TARGET), and the Human Rights Initiative.

All are welcome, no registration necessary.

Learn More About Global Legal Studies

Highlighting the many global centers on campus provides a greater understanding of the international efforts as a campus.  Under the umbrella of the Institute for Legal Studies, Global Legal Studies Center (GLS) is a joint project of the University of Wisconsin Law School and the Division of International Studies. Through this project, the Law School and the Division work together to promote the understanding of international; transnational; and comparative legal systems, processes, and regimes, and disseminate this knowledge to students and constituencies on and off campus.

GLS aims to support research in international legal studies, organize workshops and conferences, expand connections with scholars and institutions in the U.S. and overseas, deepen links with the International Institute and other international programs on campus, and share expertise.

If you are interested in being more connected with GLS, attend the Global Legal Studies Center Fall 2010 Events and Lecture Series and Outreach Workshops.