Globalizing the ‘Bologna Process’: Looking Closely at Europe’s ‘Looking Out’ Strategy for Higher Education

Professor Susan Robertson, University of Bristol

In this presentation I look closely at globalization of Europe’s Bologna Process (otherwise known as the external dimension) that is altering the terms and terrain of higher education both within and beyond Europe. I argue that there are distinctive phases in this project of creating a unified higher education area, the latest involving the ‘extra-regional’ (neighborhood economies; distant strategic domestic economies; old colonial relations and networks; new inter-regional formations – see Robertson, 2009). The ‘extra-regional’ in the European project is given momentum driven by a combination of forces and projects: Europe’s claim to contingent territorial sovereignty (Elden, 2006) and state-hood; Europe’s extension of its political project in relation to other geo-strategic claims; the usefulness to domestic actors in neighboring and more distant economies of Europe’s higher education tools for brokering internal transformations; the desire of globally-oriented export and import higher education institutions and domestic economies beyond the borders of Europe to align their architecture and regulatory frameworks to maximize market position; and the emergence of Europe’s normative power on the global stage. I conclude by suggesting that in the case of Europe, this current moment of regulatory regionalism might be best conceived of as ‘regulatory state regionalism’.

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