[Huffington Post] UW Alum Anna Therese Day, American in Egypt, Answers Your Questions

Huffington Post- April 12, 2011

“Anna Day, An American in Egypt, Answers Your Questions”

Anna Therese Day (’10), recent grad and Middle East Studies (MES) Program student, has been covering the democratic upheavals throughout the Middle East. Last week, Day was invited by the Huffington Post to answer questions about her experiences to a live audience.


Anna Therese Day, a freelance journalist, has studied, worked, traveled, and volunteered throughout the Middle East. Since 2008, she has covered the Gaza Strip after Israel’s Operation Cast Lead, Lebanon’s 2009 post-election violence, and the Egyptian Revolution of 2011. This spring, Anna will continue to travel and cover the democratic upheavals, focusing on gender and youth involvement.

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