Nelson Institute ranks among top programs for study abroad participants

Nelson Institute students who participate in the study aboard program are a large part of the Institute’s mission to foster community partnerships in education, research, and service around the world. Through these international experiences, students increase interdisciplinary collaboration on environmental initiatives while furthering their own academic, personal, and professional goals. That’s why the Nelson Institute is proud to share that the most recent data from the International Academic Programs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison indicates that nearly half of all Environmental Studies majors participate in a study abroad program. When compared with all other majors on campus who had at least 50 students graduate, the Nelson Institute Environmental Studies program ranked sixth overall.  This all contributes to UW-Madison’s ranking as the number one U.S. public institution for study abroad participation. 

The Nelson Institute is proud to support these efforts through the Charles G. Meyer Undergraduate Study Abroad Travel Award, which provides one $3,000 scholarship on an annual basis to a student who is participating in a semester- or year-long for-credit international study abroad program.

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