Scholarship recipients and donors recognized at annual award ceremony

Students will be taking on academic, internship, and research opportunities around the world during the upcoming year, thanks to the generosity of donors from across campus. The fall 2016 International Division Scholarship Award Ceremony, held December 6 at the Gordon Dining and Event Center, brought students, faculty, and staff together to celebrate students receiving scholarships and recognize the donors who made the awards possible.

Students with thank you sign
Students show off their scholarship award certificates and a sign thanking donors at the 2017 International Division Scholarship Award Ceremony.

“All of you embarking on something new,” said Dan Gold, director of International Academic Programs and MC for the award ceremony. “If you approach it in the right way it will be incredibly meaningful and impact you for the rest of your life.”

Student recipients are already looking forward to their upcoming international opportunities with excitement and anticipation.

Maj Fischer and Jonathan Vannucci
Maj Fischer, director of International Internship Programs at UW-Madison, congratulates Jonathan Vannucci on his award. Vannucci will study in Denmark during the spring 2017 semester thanks to the scholarship.

Jonathan Vannucci, a junior majoring in geography and environmental studies, will be studying in Copenhagen, Denmark during the spring 2017 semester. Vannucci received the scholarship through the Scan|Design Foundation. Because of the scholarship, Vannucci will be going abroad for the first time, and looks forward to experiencing new cultures and “seeing politics in practice.”

“Receiving this scholarship means the world,” Vannucci said. “Without the scholarship, I wouldn’t be having this experience. This is an integral development opportunity for me personally and professionally. Plus, my grandfather was from Denmark, so I will be able to connect with my heritage and get closer to my roots.”

Laura Herzog, a 4th year dietetics major, is planning to complete an internship in Buenos Aries, Argentina. She will be working with The Bubble, an online news source that reports on news and current events, while also analyzing pop culture for additional context. While online journalism might not seem like a match for a future dietetics professional, Herzog knows the skills she will be developing will be invaluable in her field.

“A very important aspect of health care is communicating concepts that are complex or foreign,” Herzog said. “The soft skill of being able to take something your reader might not understand and make it understandable is something that would also be useful in the healthcare field.”

Paul Robbins, director of the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
Paul Robbins, director of the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, delivered a keynote address at the award ceremony. Robbins described how his own experiences abroad paved the way for his own opportunities and encouraged students to embrace their time abroad with open minds.

Herzog also said she hopes to work with low-income women in the future, and that navigating a new, challenging environment will give her valuable experience that will help her to better connect with future patients.

Herzog received the Oscar N. & Ethel K. Allen Memorial Study Abroad Internship Grant. Herzog noted that in reading about the couple, she was struck by their close work with CALS and hopes to give back in the future as well. In addition, given her own close ties to CALS, Herzog said the scholarship lets her feel a “deeper connection with the past and the university.”

Below is a list of all students recognized at the scholarship ceremony.

Oscar N. & Ethel K. Allen Memorial Study Abroad Internship Grant

Abagail Catania, Laura Herzog

Neil & Audrey Barrows Study Abroad Scholarship

Alyssa Ginther

Biochemistry Study Abroad Scholarship

Nicole Mari Jones, Caroline Kreitzer, Jefferson Driscoll

Endowment of Undergraduate Excellence Fund

Riley Lenoch, Scout Kirby, Ashaleigh Worrell

William F. Renk Study Abroad Scholarship

Jodi Allison, Macy Barnes, Daniel Erickson, Karla Guerrero, Libby Halma, Aria Kenarsary, Mamawa Konuwa, Regina Kosmatka, Gage Moreno, Melissa Nelson, Nicole Perrett, Leanza Rakowski, Samantha Robers

Douglas D. Sorenson Study Abroad Scholarship

Alyssa Ginther, Valerie Knurr

George E. Shook Scholarship

Micheala Slind

William and Janice Ward Scholarship

Micheala Slind

Worldwide Internship Program Grants

Abagail Catania, Hallah Ghanem , Jessica Stephani

IIP Travel Grants

Abagail Catania, Laura Herzog, Drew McMillen, Jessica Stephani, Jung Young You

George W. & Dorothy D. Sledge Study Abroad Scholarship

Mara Benowitz, Heather Hellenga, Cassandra Peters

Cerk Family Fund

Maia Erickson, Bridget Harney

Chou Kuo-ping Scholarships

Sydney Farmer, Ian Matz

Joseph Elder Scholarship

Max Eggert

Great People – International Studies Scholarship

Lena Ali, Jadyn Donahue-Szudy, Alexandria Huebler, Dylan Jones, Tara Kamnetz, Michelle Lam, Christa Tulics, Alyson Vong, Arashjot Kaur, Carina Ludwig

IAP Graduate & Professional Student Scholarship

Yuan Chang, Ellen Hebden, Clarence Moore, Will Porter, Fernanda Villarroel

IAP WISc Scholarship

Megan Diermeier, Jordan Gruel, William Hoverman, Sarah Ketterhagen, Aleana Savage, Alma Sida Ontiveros

Nave Scholarship

Rashea Minor

Norway Study Abroad Scholarship

Calvin Berg

FIGS Scholarship

Austin Burg, Brittany Dusek, Christopher Gitter, Gabrielle Guitzkow, Mari Kielczewski, Thomas Matoska, Emily Snelson

UW in India Scholarship

Connor Green, Callan Mcnamara

Scan|Design Foundation Study Abroad Scholarship

Maxsen Berken, Taylor Bruns, Megan Diermeier, Olivia Fountaine, Aaron Hathaway, Nishat Hossain, Jenna Kanner, Hannah Keeser, Samuel Orno, Lauren Quirk, Julianne Testa, Jonathan Vannucci, Amelie Von Below

Julie and Michael Gerend Award

Tiana Jacobs

School of Education Lois E. Hack Study Abroad Scholarship

Samantha Fitzpatrick

Morton and Lena Wax Scholarship

Taylor Brockman

Study Abroad Alumni Scholarships

Adina Barriento, Margaret Cram, Valerie Kukla, Shane Linden, Todd Marino, Christy Mattern, Kayla Rybicki

Study Abroad Scholars

Clare Aeschbacher, Elizabeth Aspinwall, Rachel Beltz, David Burdick, Krista Brown, Madeline Carbery, Te’Asia Capies, Mayuly Chamleunsouk, Sophia Dramm, Alyssa Dooley, Krystal Du, Kaitlyn Falk, Hannah Fick, Grace Fleming, Julia Frangul, Kayla Gardner, Quinn Gavin, Abigail Geiger, Michaela Gombar, Sebastian Gomez Parra, Alexa Grunwaldt, Kelsey Karker, Maddie Harty, Penny Hazeltine, Melody Henry, Stephanie Hetto, Nora Herzong, Holly Howe, Amrit Hundal, Tiana Jacobs, Ty Jager, Nicole Johnson, Justine Jones, Jessica Kanter, Charlee King, Kelsey Kircher, Madison Kircher, Rebecca Lawlor, Pachia Lee, Alexandra Leiterman, Liliana Lule, Calley Mannion, Mira Marko, Ashley Mcgoey, Rachel Mikolas, Sanober Mirza, Rebecca Morgan, Brad Morgan, Edwin Neumann, Anna Ostermeier, Anna Paulson, Annika Peterson, Shelby Petta, Nicole Philipps, Julia Porter, Abigail Remiarz, Josh Rexroade, Emma Romell, Igna Runstrom, Daniela Schmidt, Josie Sajbel, Alexandra Sawyer, Natalie Schraith, Lucero Serna, Erika Swant, Mandy Thor, Jonathan Vannucci, Grace Vriezen, Haley Watson, Natalya Weise, Anna Weinberg, Emily Wink, Abbey Zacharski, Katelyn Zutter