Scholarships give boost to UW-Madison students going abroad in 2016

University of Wisconsin–Madison students preparing to embark on a range of international experiences in the coming months received words of encouragement and financial support at the spring 2016 International Division Scholarship Award Ceremony on April 19, at the Gordon Dining and Event Center.

Students, donors, parents, UW faculty and staff were invited to celebrate the generous financial aids given to students planning to travel abroad for academic programs or internships.

The event – hosted by the UW–Madison International Division and organized by International Academic Programs (IAP), the Division’s study abroad unit – brought together students, parents, donors, UW–Madison faculty and staff.

Awards were presented by IAP, the Division’s International Internship Program (IIP), and the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS), through a partnership with the Division through IAP.

“UW–Madison is committed to cultivating international scholarship and engagement, promoting global awareness, and preparing students for a diverse and interconnected world,” says IAP Director Dan Gold, who served as master of ceremonies.

“These scholarships make an array of international experiences possible for students across a broad spectrum of disciplines,” Gold says. “Their programs include field work, intensive language training, internships and excursions.”

He adds, “Through their international experiences, these students will enhance the academic work they’ve done on campus, broadening the borders of their learning environment to include new countries, new cultures, and even new ways of learning.”

At the event, Guido Podesta, Vice Provost and Dean of the International Division, and John Karl Scholz, Dean of the College of Letters and Science, gave remarks. Also, two students, Kimberly Kuxhause and Anna Stamborski, spoke about their study abroad experiences.

“We congratulate this semester’s scholarship recipients on their achievements,” Gold says. “We eagerly look forward to learning about their experiences when they return.”

Recipients of Great People – International Studies Scholarships
Recipients of Great People – International Studies Scholarships

 IAP Scholarships Awarded

The Cerk Family Fund for Study Abroad, established by Norman J. and Heewon B. Cerk, to support undergraduate study abroad experiences. Norman (B.A. ’94, political science) regards his study abroad experience as a UW–Madison student as a factor in his success.

Recipient: Scott Fabbri, of Madison, WI, going to France, year 2016-17

The Chou Kuo-ping Award honors the UW–Madison faculty member who taught Chinese language here in the mid-1960s and organized opportunities for students to study in Taiwan. This scholarship was created by a former student – Tom Sternberg, of White Plains, NY – to support study in Chinese-speaking countries.

Recipients, all going to China: Nathan Heinrich, of Nashville, TN, summer and fall 2016; Katherine Mcclure, of Schaumburg, IL, fall 2016; Chad Ballard, of Ridgefield, CT, summer 2016; Claire Chen, of Shoreview, MN, summer 2016; Iris Hahn-Sittig, of Normal, IL, summer 2016

The George B. and Lisa N. McReddie International Studies Scholarship was created to provide support for students studying in Latin America. George McReddie did his undergraduate work in political science and Latin American studies at UW–Madison, and went on to earn his MBA in international finance at Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Recipient: Katrina Bell, of Kenosha, WI, going to Spain, year 2016-17

The Great People – International Studies Scholarship aims to make study abroad for undergraduates accessible and affordable.

Recipients going abroad in fall 2016: Hayley Ganslaw, of Avon, CT, going to Italy; Jeung Bok Holmquist, of Madison, WI, going to Australia; Kendall Oehler, of Madison, WI, going to Netherlands; Erika Schoenebeck, of Green Bay, WI, going to Spain; Melanie Xiong, of Madison, WI, going to Italy

Recipients going abroad summer 2016: Rachel Baldwin, of Appleton, WI, going to Spain; Sean Kean, of Madison, WI, going to South Korea; Bri Nigl, of Oshkosh, WI, going to China; Kylie Nordstrom, of Stoughton, WI, going to Croatia; Annalise Panthofer, of Stoughton, WI, going to Argentina; Janine Puleo, of Madison, WI, going to Argentina; Carly Ritger, of Kiel, WI, going to China; Matthew Semler, of Waunakee, WI, going to Tanzania; Kellie Willis, of Richfield, WI, going to France; Emily Wink, of McFarland, WI, going to Spain; Tracy Zheng, of Madison, WI, going to South Korea

The IAP Graduate & Professional Student Scholarship is available to degree-seeking UW-Madison graduate and professional students studying abroad on a program offered through International Academic Programs.

Recipients, all going abroad summer 2016: Candace Bishop, of Madison, WI, going to Thailand; Nathan Ebben, of Waukesha, WI, going to Uganda; Cassandra Greenwood, of De Pere, WI, Worldwide; Amanda Gyger, of Lyons, WI, going to Uganda; Maxwell Machurick, of Madison, WI, going to Thailand; Michael Masterson, of Tulsa, OK, going to China; Jordan Reeves, of Madison, WI, going to Uganda; Brooke Resch, of Appleton, WI, going to Thailand; Hannah Sutter-Balke, of Shawano, WI, going to Uganda; Kaiya Sygulla, of Lakeville, MN, going to Uganda; Brett Taber, of Middleton, WI, going to Uganda; John Uelmen, of Fond du Lac, WI, going to Thailand; Amy Zawacki, of Madison, WI, going to Thailand

The Wisconsin International Scholarship Program (WISc) is an undergraduate honors enrichment program for students interested in global affairs, cultures, and languages. To support the efforts of this Program, International Academic Programs established the IAP WISc Scholarship to support the efforts of the program and encourage all WISc students to participate in an overseas academic experience.

Recipients: Lindsey Bliefernicht, of Watertown, WI, going to Spain, year 2016-17; Aron Mozes, of Rochester, MN, going to Ireland, fall 2016; Jennifer Ostrowski, of Superior, WI, going to Jordan, fall 2016, and worldwide, summer 2016; Madison Richards, of Racine, WI, going to Argentina, fall 2016 and spring 2017; Laura Bunn, of Mount Horeb, WI, going to Spain, year 2016-17, and going to Brazil, summer 2016; Megan Lucas, of Minneapolis, MN, going to Spain, summer 2016; Nicholas Spoerk, of Muskego, WI, going to Thailand, summer 2016

The Joseph Elder Award is supported by gifts from alumni, colleagues and friends to honor Professor Elder, who has served as academic director of the UW–Madison College Year in India program since 1961.

Recipients: Nate Baumgarten, of Little Chute, WI, going to England, year 2016-17; of Jesse Chang, Milwaukee, WI, going to Japan, year 2016-17

The Laurent Karim Makward Memorial Scholarship – honors the son of Christiane Makward, professor of French, Pennsylvania State University, and UW–Madison Professor Emeritus Edris Makward of African Languages and Literature and French. Laurent, a student on UW–Madison program in Aix-en-Provence in 1981-82, died in 1983 in France.

Recipients: Alyana Guidotti, of Elkhorn, WI, going to Spain, year 2016-17; Nathaniel Ramm, of Milwaukee, WI, going to Germany, year 2016-17

The Morton and Lena Wax Scholarship – established by their children as a tribute to their parents – is awarded as an expression of appreciation for the excellent education family members have received at UW–Madison.

Recipient: Nathan Acevedo, of Aurora, IL, going to Costa Rica, summer 2016

The Nave Scholarship – established in 1975 with a bequest from the estate of Cyril W. Nave, a 1918 UW business graduate who had many dealings in Latin America – is given to students studying in Latin America who have at least a 3.0 GPA and need.

Recipient: Marcus Collins, of Madison, WI, going to Argentina, year 2016-17

The Norway Study Abroad Scholarship is a new award established through the contribution of Rachael Martin (B.S. Human Ecology ’13). As a participant in the University of Oslo International Summer School program, Martin noted the program’s positive impact on both her professional and personal life.

Recipients, both going to Norway, summer 2016: Ashley Keese, of New Berlin, WI; Neva Fuller, of Richfield, MN

The ScanDesign Study Abroad Fellowship – established in 2010 by Inger and Jens Brunn of the ScanDesign Foundation, Seattle – aims to foster Danish-American relations by providing generous financial support to undergraduate and graduate students who have been accepted to study in Denmark for a semester or a full academic year through any of UW–Madison’s Danish study abroad programs.

Recipients, going to Denmark, year 2016-17: Kate Maccrimmon, of Madison, WI; Jacob Schleusner, of Edgerton, WI

Recipients, going to Denmark, fall 2016: Alli Abolarin, of Houston, TX; Margot Franchett, of Minneapolis, MN; Cori Garrett, of Fostoria, OH; Madelyne Huibregtse, of Grafton, WI; Mallory Maline, of Hudson, WI; Jennifer Miller, of Madison, WI; Nick Perkl, of McFarland, WI; Courtney Wong, of Arlington Heights, IL

Recipients, going to Denmark, summer 2016:  Sara Cross, of Belvidere, IL; Jamie Elsen, of Kenosha, WI; Peter Friedl, of Middleton, WI; Brandon Huynh, of Darien, IL; Marah Larsen, of Fond du Lac, WI; Karen Moe, of Deerfield, WI; Shannon Murphy, of Middleton, WI; Rita O’Connell, of Cary, IL; Kayleigh Queoff, of Grafton, WI; Priya Varghese, of Waukesha, WI

Recipients of Scan|Design Foundations Scholarships
Recipients of Scan|Design Foundations Scholarships

The School of Education Lois E. Hack Study Abroad Scholarship – supported by alumni – is awarded to undergraduates in the School of Education, with priority for first-time study abroad students and those participating in programs in Africa, Asia, or Latin America.

Recipient: Rachelle Vang, of Edina, MN, going to China, summer 2016

The Study Abroad Alumni Awards have come about through generous contributions from committed UW alumni and friends of study-abroad programs. Gifts to the Study Abroad Fund provide direct assistance toward increasing the number and diversity of students studying overseas.

Recipients: Emily Hesse, of Janesville, WI, going to Panama, fall 2016; Alyssa Hotz, of Minneapolis, MN, going to Australia, fall 2016, and going to Austria, summer 2016; Joe Schwartz, of Madison, WI, going to South Korea, fall 2016; Nichole of Springer, Kewaskum, WI, going to India, fall 2016; Callen of Weber, Menomonee Falls, WI, going to South Africa, fall 2016

The Study Abroad Scholars Award aims to break down the financial barriers to study abroad and to encourage students to: “Discover the world … and bring the world back to Wisconsin!” All Study Abroad Scholars must carry out a “Share Your Experience” project upon their return to campus.

Recipients going abroad fall 2016: Hiwot Adilow, of Madison, WI, going to South Africa; Tyler Ballweg, of Sauk City, WI, going to China/Hong Kong; Nyesha Brown, of Milwaukee, WI, going to South Africa; Hannah Cohen, of Shrewsbury, MA, going to Thailand; Kyra Fox, of Whitefish Bay, WI, going to Uganda; Leah Goebel, of Fond du Lac, WI, going to Scotland; Holli Harms, of Sheboygan Falls, WI, going to Spain; Cole Kirchenwitz, of Pardeeville, WI, going to Kazakhstan; Abby Lois, of Mount Horeb, WI, going to Iceland; Valeria Martinez, of Kenosha, WI, going to Jordan; Alexander Moroz, of Maple Grove, MN, going to China/Hong Kong; Chloe Borut, of Shorewood, WI, going to China/Hong Kong, also China, summer 2016

Recipients going abroad year 2016-17: Alec Armon, of Rochester, MN, going to Chile; Lindsey Bliefernicht, of Watertown, WI, going to Spain; Laura Bunn, of Mount Horeb, WI, going to Spain, also going to Brazil, summer 2016; Heather Ehnert, of Oak Creek, WI, going to Germany; Franco Llamas, of Madison, WI, going to Japan; Tiara Luckiesh, of Campbellsport, WI, going to Kazakhstan, also going to China, summer 2016; Eric Mueller, of Fort Atkinson, WI, going to Japan; Nikki Ott, of Madison, WI, going to France; Gerald Porter, of Lynwood, IL, England; Savanna Rutas, of North Aurora, IL, going to Kazakhstan; Charles Schneider, of Oconomowoc, WI, going to Germany; Vera Swanson, of Rochester, MN, going to Kazakhstan; Shengyeng Thao, of Madison, WI, going to South Korea

Recipients going abroad summer 2016: Denise Mohrbacher, of Sturtevant, WI, going to Croatia; Ryan Berthiaume, of Milton, WI, going to Russia; Samantha Bock, of Madison, WI, going to Malawi; Alyssa Dooley, of Eau Claire, WI, going to Costa Rica; Ryan Franda, of Waukesha, WI, going to England; Cody Goetz, of Sherwood, WI, going to Spain; Kursat Gok, of Madison, WI, going to China; Jessica Greshik, of Madison, WI, going to Malawi; Lily Hansen, of North Oaks, MN, going to Ecuador; Nallely Hernandez, of Madison, WI, going to China; Nora Herzog, of Anchorage, AK, going to Russia; Ashlyn King, of Madison, WI, going to Russia; Morgan Liddell, of Madison, WI, going to France; Jorgo Lika, of Cudahy, WI, going to Nicaragua; Pichjarly Loch, of Madison, WI, going to China; Meng Lou, of Fitchburg, WI, Multiple; Megan Lucas, of Minneapolis, MN, going to Spain; Dianne Maglaque, of Skokie, IL, going to Nepal; John McGovern, of Madison, WI, going to Kazakhstan; Hortense Momou, of Windsor, WI, going to Malawi; Emily Nettesheim, of Sussex, WI, going to South Africa; Alexis Rivera, of Elk Grove Village, IL, going to Tanzania; Charlene Robinson, of Richton Park, IL, going to France; Rosie Rogers, of Chevy Chase, MD, going to Spain; Nastassia Satahoo, of Milwaukee, WI, going to China; Hazel Schira, of Mosinee, WI, going to China; Yuka Shiotani, of Franklin, WI, going to Kazakhstan; Lauren Stippich, of Grafton, WI, going to Austria; Song Thao, of Cottage Grove, WI, going to Malawi; Emma Voss, of Spring Green, WI, going to Russia

— by Kerry G. Hill