Two talks by Grace Puja: Gender Expertise and Education in Tanzania

Department of Educational Foundations University of Dar es Salam

Wednesday, September 3rd
“Gender Expertise and Education in Tanzania”
Noon – 336 Ingraham

Thursday, September 4th
“School Girl’s Pregnancies in Tanzania: Views of Ex-Pregnant Students”
1:00 pm – 2435 Sewell Social Sciences

Dr Grace Puja is a Senior Lecturer from the University of Dar es Salaam. Her PhD is in Sociology and Equity Studies in Education from the University of Toronto.  Dr Puja’s research interests are in the areas of gender issues in education. Her research and publications have been on teenage pregnancies, gender violence in Tanzanian university campuses, the effects of language of instruction on the quality of education and teacher education in developing countries. She has also been engaged in a variety of research projects examining economic strategies used by women in rural and urban areas in Tanzania and a consultant to a number of overseas internationally funded research projects.

TARGET: Gender and International Policy Research Circle
International Comparative Education Research Group (ICERG)

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Sociology of Gender Seminar: FemSem

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