UW-Madison Cancels Early Summer Mexico Programs

Based on the recommendations of the university’s International Emergency Response Committee, Chancellor Biddy Martin is instructing campus units to cancel student programs in Mexico that are scheduled 
to depart before June 1.

Programs that will not be operating include a language program in Oaxaca affecting 25 students; a nursing program based in Taxco involving eight students; a Guadalajara program for one student in the area of master’s in public health; and a School of Business program in Monterey involving one student.

Given the importance of international academic experiences to students’ educational goals, UW-Madison is working with units in which programs are canceled to find alternative experiences that will allow them to achieve their academic objectives.

In addition, the university has reaffirmed an April 29 decision recommending that all students, 
faculty and staff defer travel to Mexico until further notice.

The university’s International Emergency Response Committee (IERC) asks students, faculty and staff who must travel to Mexico before June 1 for university business, whether academic, nonacademic or research-related, to contact the university’s pandemic response team at pandemicinfo@mhub.uwpd.wisc.edu.

The IERC will meet in the final week of May to determine whether these measures should be extended beyond June 1 
or be lifted.
 The IERC would be happy to answer questions regarding 

Please contact the following
 committee members for more information:

– For medical issues:  Dr. Sarah Van Orman, director, University Health 
Services, svanorman@uhs.wisc.edu

– For legal issues: Lisa Rutherford, director, Office of Legal Services,  lrutherford@vc.wisc.edu

– For issues relating to affected study-abroad programs: Rob Howell, 
 International Academic Programs, rbhowell@wisc.edu.