Chancellor Biddy Martin Pushes International Research (WPR)

MADISON (WPR) – UW-Madison Chancellor Biddy Martin wants the Board of Regents to keep the UW System competitive in the global economy by investing in international research.

At a meeting with the Regents Thursday, December 10, 2009, Martin said between more people getting college degrees, a growing emphasis on globalization, and the emergence of a knowledge economy, there’s more demand for graduates who can think analytically — and across borders.

She says countries all over the world are investing far more than UW-Madison, because they are trying to catch up and they are more forward looking.

Chancellor Martin didn’t specify how much money should go towards such research, but she urged the Regents to raise tuition to help fund it.

Martin also recommended providing more financial assistance for middle and low-income students.

By Kirk Carapezza, Wisconsin Public Radio

Watch the Board of Regents Webcast: Chancellor Biddy Martin, Presentation to the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System on December 10, 2009.

QUOTE from Chancellor Martin’s presentation: “I think increasingly if our students don’t live and work and build networks with students from all over the world they will … be at a serious disadvantage going forward.”