UW-Madison Embraces International Internships

Why intern abroad? If you keep hearing that question, you’re not alone. A recent article in eCALS, asks “Why an International Internship?“, and addresses this very question.

UW-Madison is dedicated to excellence in education, and interning abroad is an example of how we provide essential, high-impact learning experiences that make global citizens and leaders. Here are three areas on campus that provide program assistance in finding an international internship, a unique way to gain professional experience in global setting.

International Academic Programs (IAP)

International Academic Programs (IAP) is the largest study abroad office on campus. It plays a central role in the internationalization of UW-Madison and in the development of citizens able to act globally with social responsibility. IAP is a recognized leader in study abroad programs and resources serving the needs of the university community, and through its collaborative efforts.

IAP offers internships abroad that combine a work experience with coursework for UW academic credit.

Learn more about international internship opportunities for credit.

International Internships Program (IIP)

The International Internships Program (IIP)—a joint initiative of the Division of International Studies and the College of Agricultural & Life Sciences—identifies, cultivates and promotes high-quality internship opportunities that advance the professional training of UW-Madison undergraduate students; foster global competency; and reinforce academic learning through practical application.

As a hub for developing global talent, IIP plays a central role in the internationalization of the University of Wisconsin– Madison and aspires to be a recognized leader in the preparation of the next generation of globally competent citizens. IIP serves the needs of undergraduate students and the wider university community through its collaborative efforts to establish and maintain value-added relationships with key internal partners, international organizations and alumni.

Learn more about international internships through IIP.

CALS International Programs Office

A variety of international working and learning experiences are available through the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) International Programs Office. Students can arrange internships through campus resources or on their own. A variety of popular international internships are available and the network continues to grow.

Experiences can include agribusinesses, government agencies, NGO’s, food companies, research opportunities, farms and other field experiences. Students are able to apply internship credits toward the completion of their degree requirements.

Learn more about international internships through CALS.

“In a survey by the American Council on Education,
86% of companies reported a need for managers and employees
with greater international knowledge in the decade ahead.”