UW System Board of Regents December Meeting: Ties Between UW-Madison and China Growing

UW System News — University of Wisconsin-Madison’s growing relationship with China promises benefits for students, the university, and the State of Wisconsin, Chancellor Biddy Martin told the UW System Board of Regents on Thursday.

In building stronger ties with China, “We have multiple aims,” Martin said, including “improving the quality of the education we offer … by ensuring that our students have opportunities to learn more about this important part of the world.”

The State also stands to benefit from UW-Madison’s increased attention to China, she said, by its spreading the word of Wisconsin’s assets to investors from East Asia. “The best-kept secret when it comes to research and technology development is right here in Wisconsin,” Martin said.

PowerPoint presented by Dean Gilles Bousquet on Dec. 9

Dean Gilles Bousquet gave a presentation at the meeting and shared with Regents the very strong appeal in China for the Wisconsin Idea, and that the university’s resources can be used for the larger public good. “That really resonates with the Chinese,” he said.

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