World Beyond Our Borders event: Thomas A. DuBois

7pm, Wednesday, November 7
Borders Books West, 3750 University Avenue, Madison.
This is an event of the Division of International Studies’ World Beyond Our Borders reading series.

Join Thomas A. DuBois as he reads from his recently published book, Lyric, Meaning and Audience in the Oral Tradition of Northern Europe (Notre Dame Press, 2006). DuBois explores the question of meaning in folklore by drawing on lyric songs from England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, and Finland—and from medieval to contemporary times.

“In his ground-breaking book, Thomas DuBois draws on studies in oral tradition and on literary approaches to make the case for a European lyric mode of wide-ranging breadth. Students of medieval studies, literary studies, and folklore all will benefit from his work.”
—John Miles Foley, Center for Studies in Oral Tradition, University of Missouri

Thomas A. DuBois joined the Department of Scandinavian Studies in 2000 and now leads the department’s area studies program. With a background in folklore and folklife, his interests include a variety of Nordic topics. His other books include: Finnish Folklore (with Leea Virtanen); Nordic Religions in the Viking Age; and Finish Folk Poetry and the Kalevala.


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