World Beyond Our Borders faculty reading: Jeremi Suri

Join Jeremi Suri as he reads from his recently published book, Henry Kissinger and the American Century (Harvard University Press, 2007).

7 pm, Thursday, December 6
Borders Books West, 3750 University Avenue, Madison.

This is an event of the Division of International Studies’ World Beyond Our Borders reading series.

In Henry Kissinger and the American Century, Suri draws on research in more than six countries in addition to extensive interviews with Kissinger and others to analyze the sources of Kissinger’s ideas and power and to explain why he pursued the policies he did.

Jeremi Suri is a professor in UW–Madison’s Department of History. In its October issue, Smithsonian magazine named Suri one of the top “37 under 36” young American innovators in the arts and sciences.


Suri has provided a brilliant and balanced portrait of Henry Kissinger. Shaped by his childhood in Germany, his adolescence in New York, and his wartime experiences in the army, Kissinger was forever the outsider, indelibly influenced by his Jewishness, even as he became the consummate insider. Suri incisively analyzes the qualities that made Kissinger so attractive to patrons like Nelson Rockefeller and Richard Nixon, but also skillfully examines the flaws that will forever tarnish Kissinger’s legacy.
–Melvyn P. Leffler, author of A Preponderance of Power

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