WIDA receives $2.6 million to develop professional learning for rural educators of multilingual learners

WIDA, an educational services organization within the UW–Madison School of Education, received $2.6 million from the U.S. Department of Education to launch Rural Educators Self-Reflecting and Practicing Equity-Centered Teaching with English Learners (Project RESPECT), a program that will help rural K-8 teachers provide effective and equitable literacy instruction for multilingual learners.

“Demographic trends tell us that multilingual learners are a growing segment of the student population in rural school districts,” said Diep Nguyen, principal investigator and director of educator learning, research, and practice at WIDA. “Yet, a lot of the professional learning resources available tend to cater to teachers serving multilingual learners in urban and suburban schools, which makes the lack of resources for our rural teachers an unmet need.”

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