More than 160 UW students receive study abroad scholarships

University of Wisconsin–Madison students preparing to embark on a variety of international programs gathered recently at the Pyle Center – joined by family and friends – to hear words of encouragement and to receive scholarships to help pay their way.

More than 160 undergraduates were honored April 18, at the Spring 2013 Study Abroad Scholarship Award Ceremony, hosted by the Division of International Studies, International Academic Programs (IAP), and International Internship Program (IIP). Nearly $200,000 in scholarship awards were announced.

David Nagel
David Nagel

In opening remarks for the event, UW–Madison alumnus David Nagel (BS ‘75, MBA ‘76), highlighted the transformative impact of his own summer abroad program to Scandinavia.

“Before I left for Scandinavia, I was a chemistry major who had never even seen the ocean,” says Nagel, executive vice president of BP America and chair emeritus of the Division’s External Advisory Board. “I came back fully enthused about international culture, history, politics, and business.  And while I did complete my BS in chemistry, I quickly followed this with a Wisconsin MBA in international business, and have pursued this interest for the last 30-plus years, including 12 years living abroad.”

Nagel is a strong advocate for students to have at least one international experience – of any length – during their tenure at the UW.  He reminded the students not only of the richness of what they were about to enjoy, but also of their larger opportunity to build on the experience to help make a difference in today’s interconnected world.

“This is what the Wisconsin Idea of the 21st century is all about,” he says.

“Study abroad is such a transformative experience for students, we are truly grateful to the donors and alumni who provide the scholarships that make it possible for students to participate,” says IAP Director Dan Gold, who served as emcee for the ceremony.

“It is wonderful to have this opportunity to meet and honor the students, and their families,” Gold says. “It is great sharing their excitement about the journeys they are about to embark on.”

Two recently returned students also spoke at the event.

“Study abroad was everything I hoped it would be and more,” says Heather Smaby, a junior from Neenah, Wisconsin, majoring in biochemistry and Spanish.

“This is one of the only chances you will ever get to fully immerse yourself in another culture, and although it is difficult, it is extremely fun and rewarding,” says Smaby, who went to Santiago, Chile. “Living in Chile for a semester was the best decision of my life and I would recommend the experience for any college student.”

Laura Dreese, from Plymouth, Minnesota, a graduating senior in agricultural and applied economics and business certificate, offers some advice for future study abroad students: “View every moment as a learning opportunity. Although you will encounter situations very different from what you are used to, take it in stride and reflect on what the situation taught you. Oh, and have a lot of fun too!”

Dreese studied in Queretaro, Mexico and did an internship in Nakuru, Kenya.


Study abroad scholarships awarded

Here are the study abroad scholarship descriptions and recipients recognized at the 2013 ceremony (internship awards are reported in a separate article):

The Cerk Family Fund for Study Abroad, established by Norman J. and Heewon B. Cerk, assists undergraduate students in funding their study abroad experiences. Norman (B.A. ‘94 in political science) regards his study abroad experience as a UW–Madison student as a factor in his success. Recipients: Alexandra Bryant, of Wauwatosa, WI, studying in South Africa; Kayla Pitre, of Cedarburg, WI, studying in France; Amanda Thiel, of Fond du Lac, WI, studying in Spain.

The Chou Kuo-ping Awards honors the UW–Madison faculty member who taught Chinese language on campus in the mid-1960s and organized opportunities for her students to study abroad in Taiwan. This scholarship was created by one of those students – Tom Sternberg, now an insurance executive in White Plains, NY – for students who study in Chinese-speaking countries.

Recipients: Alexander Buehler, of Stevens Point, WI; Meghan Chua, of Deerfield WI; Henrik Egly, of Pleasant Prairie, WI; Kody Greenbaum, of Los Angeles, CA; Christina Hoo, of Appleton, WI; Danielle Horn, of Rochester MN; Justin Jaeger, of Burlington, WI; Zachary Skanron, of Pleasant Prairie WI; Claire Stamborski, of New Berlin, WI, all studying in China

The Elizabeth Garden Memorial Scholarship – established by Lori Chozen to honor her friend Elizabeth Ann Garden – provides need-based scholarships for students to study abroad in Spain. Recipient: Jacob Turner, of Madison, WI

The Great People – International Studies Scholarship aims to make study abroad for undergraduates accessible and affordable, just as the UW Foundation’s Great People Scholarship helps to ensure that no student accepted to the university will be turned away for financial reasons. Recipients: Jacob Boelter, of Milwaukee, WI, studying in Germany; Maritza Pallo, of Milwaukee WI, UW International Internship Program; Meryl Sell, of Shoreview, MN, studying in Turkey; Ashley Sparkman, of Stoughton, WI, studying in South Korea.

The Joe Elder Awards – supported by gifts from alumni, colleagues and friends to honor Professor Elder, who has served as academic director of the UW–Madison College Year in India program since 1961 – are awarded to outstanding students participating in one of the UW–Madison academic programs abroad. Recipients: Jacqueline Goldman, of Trumbull CT, studying in India; Monica Murphy, of Bayside, WI, studying in Brazil; Tammy Nguyen, of Madison, WI, Singapore; Cole Schultz, of Morgan, MN, studying in South Korea

The Laurent Karim Makward Memorial Scholarship – honors the son of Christiane Makward, professor of French, Pennsylvania State University, and UW–Madison Professor Emeritus Edris Makward of African Languages and Literature and French.  Laurent, a student on UW–Madison program in Aix-en-Provence in 1981-82, died in 1983 in a tragic mishap in France.  This scholarship is awarded to outstanding students participating in UW–Madison academic programs abroad. Recipients: Rebecca Grzenia, of Manitowoc, WI, studying in Germany; Bethany Schumacher, of Menasha, WI, studying in France

The Morton and Lena Wax Scholarship – established by their children as a tribute – is awarded as an expression of appreciation for the excellent education family members have received at UW–Madison. Recipient: Rachel Radel, of Spring Green, WI, studying in Spain

The Nave Scholarship – established in 1975 with a bequest from the estate of Cyril W. Nave, a 1918 UW business graduate who had many dealings in Latin America – is given to students studying in Latin America who have at least a 3.0 GPA and demonstrated financial need. Recipients: Gail Gustavson, of Madison, WI, studying in Peru

The Dorothy E. Paull Scholarship Fund – established by Mrs. Paull in 1984 – is awarded to students with a particular interest in public service to contribute to the greater good of the communities in which the student studies and lives while abroad. Recipient: Jonathan Harris, of Upper Marlboro, MD, studying in Jordan; Alissa Swenson, of Fond du Lac, WI, studying in Kenya

The Pritzker-Pucker Scholarship Awards were made possible by a gift from Gigi Pritzker Pucker, an alumna of UW–Madison’s Nepal study abroad program and a long-time contributor to the study abroad scholarship fund. Recipients: Charlotte Flynn, of Albuquerque, NM, studying in India; Elaina Genthe, of Monroe, WI, studying in Chile; Michael O’Keefe, of Saint Louis Park, MN, studying in Peru; Cole Schultz, of Morgan, MN, studying in South Korea; Lisa Xiong, of Madison, WI, studying in South Korea

The Robert Rothschild Awards are supported by the Chicago chapter of the Wisconsin Alumni Association for study abroad scholarships in honor of Robert L. Rothschild, a 1932 UW–Madison graduate who spent his career in the publishing industry. Recipients: Kelsey Hogan, of Glenview, IL, studying in Australia; Lyn Kim, of Chicago, IL, studying in England; Lauren Abrahams, of Buffalo Grove, IL, studying in China; Dan Knuth, of Beecher, IL, studying in Germany

The ScanDesign Study Abroad Fellowship – established in 2010 by Inger and Jens Brunn of the ScanDesign Foundation, Seattle – aims to foster Danish-American relations by providing generous financial support to undergraduate and graduate students who have been accepted to study in Denmark for a semester or academic year through any of UW–Madison’s Danish study abroad programs. Recipients: Brittany Baumler, of Madison, WI; Nora Boneham, of Kenilworth, IL; Elizabeth Borkhus, of Wauwatosa, WI; Bennett Johnson, of Onalaska WI; Alexander Kirschling, of Eau Claire, WI; Herschel Kissinger, of Wauwatosa, WI; Sarah Monette, of Hudson WI; Lea Owens, of Slinger, WI; Alexander Potts, of Neenah, WI

The School of Education Study Abroad Scholarship – supported by alumni – is awarded to undergraduates in the School of Education, with priority for first-time study abroad students. Recipients: Jacob Berchem, of New Holstein, WI, studying in Italy; Susannah Fricker, Wauwatosa, WI, studying in Italy; Kathleen Miller, River Falls, WI, studying in Spain; Angela Rautmann, Madison, WI, studying in Uganda

The Study Abroad Alumni Scholarship – supported by UW–Madison alumni and friends – provides assistance toward increasing the number and diversity of students studying overseas. Recipients: Jonathan Harris, of Upper Marlboro, MD, studying in Belgium; Alexander Kirschling, of Eau Claire, WI, studying in Denmark; Hilary Lutz, of De Pere, WI, studying in England; Erik Sateren, of Saint Paul, MN, studying in France; Sonya Saunders, of Middleton, WI, studying in Costa Rica; Hye-Min Shin, of San Jose, CA, studying in Thailand; Ryan Swanson, of Madison, WI, studying in Sri Lanka; Ryan Walter, of Roseville, MN, studying in England

The IAP Scholars Award launched in 2013 – aims to break down the financial barriers to study abroad, especially encouraging participation from first-generation college students, those going abroad for the first time, honors students, and majors in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines. All IAP Scholars must carry out a “Share Your Experience” project upon return to campus to help promote study abroad.

Recipients: Ian Atkins, of Bayfield, WI, studying in Brazil; Andrea Bonaparte, of Madison, WI, studying in Venezuela; Jasmine Braithwaite, of Kenosha, WI, studying in Greece; Jordan Bretl, of Stillwater, MN, studying in Brazil; Carly Burson, of Duluth, MN, studying in Kenya; Kali Deans, of Naperville, IL, studying in Thailand; Kyle Erdmann, of Franklin, WI, studying in Russia; Evan Flietner, of Madison, WI, studying in Sweden; Charlotte Flynn, of Albuquerque, NM, studying in India; Amber Howell, of Madison, WI, studying in France; Taylor Kaspar, of Oshkosh, WI, studying in South Africa; Taylor Kirk, of Chicago, IL, studying in Australia; Shelby Knuth, of Grafton, WI, studying in Italy; Catherine Kuecker, of Madison, WI, studying in Spain; Pa Chee Lee, of Sheboygan, WI, studying in Croatia; Kelsey Melah, of Madison, WI, studying in Ecuador; Ia Moua, of Milwaukee, WI, studying in Thailand; Kiana Murphy, of Washington, DC, studying in England; Tiann Nelson-Luck, of Greenfield, WI, studying in Germany; Carissa Valeri, of Bloomington, MN, studying in Spain; Lisa Xiong, of Madison, WI, studying in South Korea; Xai Xiong, of Madison, WI, studying in South Korea; Zeeshan Yacoob, of Milwaukee, WI, studying in Sri Lanka; Pa Yang, of Madison, WI, studying in South Korea

The International Studies Dean’s Scholars Scholarship – established in 2013 – promotes study abroad and aims to supplement the resources available through the generosity of donors.

Recipients: Robert Albrecht, of Sussex, WI, studying in Japan; Victoria Albrecht, of Muskego, WI, studying in South Africa; Dustin Baldwin, of Ontario, WI, studying in Ecuador; Alicia Bonikowske, of Scandinavia, WI, studying in Greece; Alyson Cleveland, of Fond du Lac, WI, studying in China; John Cotter, of Whitefish Bay, WI, studying in Ecuador; Jennifer Donahoe, of Milwaukee, WI, studying in China; Abigail Gadbois, of Madison, WI, studying in China; Brendan Getches, of Oak Lawn, IL, studying in England; Hannah Jeong, of Seoul, South Korea, studying in China; Lyn Kim, of Chicago, IL, studying in China; Stephanie Kroll, of Madison, WI, studying in Ecuador; Madison Mears, of Mercer, WI, studying in Japan; Brianna Moritz, of Burlington, WI, studying in China; Ellie Nelson, of Appleton, WI, studying in South Africa; Marie Renaud, of Merrill, WI, studying in Morocco; Kelsey Rudisill, of Waunakee, WI, studying in Portugal; Leah Shapiro, of Oak Creek, WI, studying in Russia; Jacquelyn Swietlik, of Milwaukee, WI, studying in Ecuador; Marissa Van De Voort, of Appleton, WI, studying in Spain; Tshiabdua Yang, of Madison, WI, studying in Japan; Bee Yang, of Green Bay, WI, studying in South Korea; Gao Lou Yang, of Kronenwetter, WI, studying in South Korea

The IAP Study Abroad Scholarship was created in order to make study abroad opportunities more widely available and affordable.

Recipients: Marisa Aronson, of Milwaukee, WI, studying in Peru; Hillary Chang, of Minocqua, WI, studying in China; Eilis Fagan, of Madison, WI, studying in Ireland; Janalle Goosby, of Madison, WI, studying in France; Gethsemane Herron-Coward, of Madison, WI, studying in India; Alexander Kirschling, of Eau Claire, WI, studying in Denmark; Alyx Knudson, of Crivitz, WI, studying in Norway; Cody Kour, of Rochester, MN, studying in China; Nicole Marek, of New Berlin, WI, studying in Spain; Elspeth Myers, of Madison, WI, studying in China; Nnenna Obiora, of Madison, WI, studying in France; Anna Rose, of De Pere, WI, studying in Spain; Brendan Ryan, of Menomonie, WI, studying in Germany; Timothy Shelton, of Madison, WI, studying in China; Aaron Ullman, of Madison, WI, studying in China; Lucia Vitale, of Woodbury, MN, studying in Italy; Addison Winger, of La Crosse, WI, studying in China; Samty Xiong, of Madison, WI, studying in Jordan

The IAP Merit-Based Scholarship recognizes students with high academic achievement (minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA).

Recipients: Lauren Abrahams, of Buffalo Grove, IL, studying in Australia; Ellen Anderson, of Chicago, IL, studying in Ecuador; Kirstin Baglien, of Potomac, MD, studying in Italy; Anneka Barrow, of Mount Pleasant, WI, studying in Norway; Elizabeth Boots, of Combined Locks, WI, studying in England; Jocelyn Budzien, of Waukesha, WI, studying in Croatia; Calla Buttke, of Wausau, WI, studying in China; Tessa Coggio, of Madison, WI, studying in Germany; Robert Curry, of Madison, WI, studying in Germany; Nicole Davis, of Grantsburg, WI, studying in Turkey; Natalie Dosch, of Madison, WI, studying in Ghana; Brendan Dowling, of Carpentersville, IL, studying in China; Laura Duehr, of Beloit, WI, studying in Spain; Meagan Dunham, of Middleton, WI, studying in Russia; Charlotte Flynn, of Albuquerque, NM, studying in Italy; Jessica Gardner, of Bloomington, IL, studying in Kenya; Christian Gerhart, of Fitchburg, WI, studying in Spain; Asha Ghassemlouei, of Mendota Heights, MN, studying in Ireland; Lydia Greve, of Baraboo, WI, studying in India; Devin Hess, of Mounds View, MN, studying in Russia; Rachel Hoener, of Milwaukee, WI, studying in Spain; Danielle Hurlbutt, of Madison, WI; Michael Josephson, of Marshfield, WI, studying in China; Rachel Keith, of Nashotah, WI, studying in Italy; Jonathan Koser, of Austin, MN, studying in Croatia; Amanda Kvam, of Madison, WI, studying in Ecuador; Keenan Lampe, of Oak Creek, WI, studying in Japan; Cheyenne Langkamp, of Platteville, WI, studying in England; Yuli Liu, of Nanjing, China,, studying in Spain; Jill Macdonald, of Verona, WI, studying in China; Emily Mckinney, of Green Bay, WI, studying in Costa Rica; Louis Menchaca, of Mequon, WI, studying in Austria; Matthew Millman, of Wilmette, IL, studying in China; Alyssa Morrow, of Wauwatosa, WI, studying in England; Hasan Nadeem, of Brookfield, WI, studying in Sri Lanka; Emily Parkinson, of Hinsdale, IL, studying in Argentina; John Rizner, of Inverness, IL, studying in Netherlands; Johnna Sundberg, of Minnetrista, MN, studying in Kenya; Xiyu Wang, of Madison, WI; James Xu, of Edina, MN, studying in South Korea